Tynedale Ladies Second Team Final Match 25/07/17

Our final match in E Division was away against a depleted Rothbury team who sadly could only field 2 couples. Our team was Caroline Armstrong and Rachel Salthouse, Wendy Arnold and Trish Gillespie, and Cath Reed and Jill James. Our pairings were unable to break down the Rothbury First Pairings, which included a very strong player only recently moved up to the area from Yorkshire, her backhand was a great strength. All 3 of our pairs took both sets off the Rothbury second pairing, so we finished 12 sets to 6 the winners.  A beautiful tea followed, and we all went home happy to end the season on a high.  Overall the Seconds have won 4 out of their 6 fixtures, a solid performance.

Tynedale Ladies Second Team (Blaydon Thirds) 13/07/17

After a gap of some weeks for team games due to a rain cancelled match, the seconds rolled into action, at home to a strong Blaydon side. The team comprised of Cath Reed and Mary Oliver, Caroline Armstrong and Wendy Arnold, Catherine Whaley and Jill James.  The task was there, the team went 4-2 up after the first rubber, with determined play by the new partnership of Whaley and James.  Steady play became a big factor, with Tynedale going further ahead 9-3 after the second rubber.  With one set conceded by the opposition in the last rubber due to a knee injury, Tynedale ran out comfortable winners 14-3.  A great effort by Whaley and James to grab 3 sets.  Two matches remain, the fight for promotion to D remains intact.

Tynedale Ladies Second Team 08/06/17

Tynedale Tennis Ladies Section Seconds turned out on Election Day, to face Collingwood First Team. Pairings were Mary Oliver and Cath Reed, Caroline Armstrong and Rachel Salthouse, Wendy Arnold and Catherine Whaley. Despite light showers, the weather did not prevent a great match, with Collingwood putting out a very youthful team.  Experience and guile overcame the enthusiasm of youth, patience being the main advantage of Tynedales more mature squad.  Tynedale ran out winners by 12 sets to 6, first pairing taking 5 sets, second pairing 4 and third pairing 3. No tied result there, unlike the Election!

Tynedale Under 16’s 21/05/17

21st May 2017 saw a fine morning for Tynedale Tennis Club Under 16 Boys match against Durham Archery, at home. The Tynedale team consisted of Jake Reed at 1, Matthew Sharman at 2, Jonah Libretto at 3 and Cameron Baty at 4.  The Durham Archery team consisted of 4 very steady players, including the McKenna twins.  The battle was hard fought, many tight rallies and games, with Durham Archery edging it on guile and more accurate serves.  The match went to Durham Archery 6 -0, 12 sets to 0.  A true learning curve for the newly formed Tynedale Under 16s team, ever onwards and upwards!

Tynedale Ladies Second Team 20/05/17

On a beautiful early Summers evening, with all the blossom in full force, the seconds took on a newly relegated Beverley Park Second team, at Tynedale. Our team was Mary Oliver and Cath Reed, Rachel Salthouse and Caroline Armstrong, Wendy Arnold and Diane Hardy. The opposition were of a good standard, and despite some hard fought sets, Tynedale were defeated 14 sets to 4.  A brace of sets for first and third couples only. Perfect conditions for tennis, and the thought of ‘Ever onwards and upwards’

Tynedale Veterans Ladies First Team 16/05/17

The Vets First Team season kicked off on Tuesday 16th May 2017 with a visit to Blaydon to face their Vets Second team, who in 2016 were relegated from B Division to C, due to their First Team being relegated from B into C. This meant a wily four players, well paired, against a makeshift team from Tynedale of Cath Reed and Mary Williams, Wendy Arnold and Melanie Winter.  Many First Team players missing, injured, and Mary Williams helping out with only 7 hours notice.   A valiant effort, against the wind and strong sunlight of a May evening, Tynedale were outgunned and ended the night on the wrong end of an 8-0 defeat.  Well played and better luck next time.

Tynedale lll v Northumberland VI  11/05/17 

Fine weather conditions and courts in perfect condition set the scene for the third Tynedale Ladies lll team match, this time against Northumberland VI.  Tynedale’s team was Fiona Pye and Trisha Gillespie, Diane Hardy and Michelle Russell, and Rachel Dargarville and Jenny Ludman.   The match evolved into a close contest, ending in a win for Northumberland, 7 sets to 6,  and 58 games to 61 – a very enjoyable evening’s tennis.

Tynedale III v Cullercoats IV 05/05/17 

On a fine 5th May evening Tynedale Ladies III’s played Cullercoats IV at home.  The pairings were Fiona Pye and Trisha Gillespie; Diane Hardy and Mary Williams; and Melanie Winter and Jenny Ludman.  After another enjoyable night’s tennis Tynedale emerged victorious 14 sets to 4, a great win, with play ending just before 10pm. Everyone was ready for a large pot of tea, savouries and cakes!

Tynedale III v Wylam 27/04/17 

Under heavy April skies Tynedale’s Ladies’ Third team played Wylam at home in the first match of the season on 27th April. The conditions were still and the courts perfect. The team was Fiona Pye and Trisha Gillespie; Diane Hardy and Mary Williams; and Melanie Winter and Carolyn Murray.   The match developed into a close contest, with the final score in Wylam’s favour at 10 sets to 8. A thoroughly enjoyable evening”s tennis was rounded off with supper in the tennis pavilion

 Tynedale Tennis Club Ladies Firsts Match Report  – 04/05/17

Our first Northumberland and Durham League match was 4th May 2017, away at Cullercoats. The team of Kate Wilson and Francesca Bell, Jane Bradley and Emily Gibson, and Caroline Armstrong and Cath Reed, faced a newly promoted team, always an unknown quantity.  The evening was more January than May, swirling winds straight off the North Sea, and cold too.  Home team advantage worked, as the wind tested all players, and made some shots impossible without local knowledge.  Play continued through the adverse conditions until finish time, 10.30pm. The Home team ran out a convincing winner, 15 sets to 2, with Tynedale first and second couples picking up a set each.

Tynedale Tennis Club Ladies Seconds Match Report – 24/4/17

With the new season upon us, and snow forecast, the Second team of Caroline Armstrong,Rachel Salthouse, Cath Reed, Fiona Pye, Diane Hardy and Catherine Whaley, set off for Northumberland County Ground. Arriving very early, not a bad thing really, several of the team took advantage of late opening at the club shop for some pre match retail therapy. One brand new racquet was actually used in the match, with excellent results.

The night was bitterly cold, with a swirling wind, making text book tennis rather difficult. Patience and guile were the key words for the nights tactics, and this paid off. 5-1 up after the first rubber, the Seconds never really looked back, running out triumphant, but cold, 15 sets to 3 winners. A good start to the campaign. Caroline and Rachel took 5 sets, Cath and Fiona all 6, and Diane and Catherine a solid 4.

NUFC even managed to win promotion back to the Premiership the same evening!

Bring on the next match.

Tynedale Ladies III v. South Northumberland Churchill – 14th July 2016

On a fine evening, we played our final third team match at home.   The team was Melanie Winter and Trisha Gillespie, Catherine Whaley and Mary Williams, and Ingrid Jongman and Carolyn Murray.   We had a very enjoyable evening’s tennis and a good chat over tea, and  the result was a pleasing win for Tynedale III’s, 13 sets to 5.

Tynedale III v Virgin Active III – Thursday 30th June 2016

The Ladies third team played Virgin Active Wearside thirds at home. The team was Melanie Winter and Trisha Gillespie; Catherine Whaley and Mary Williams and Debbie Wilson and Ingrid Yongman.  After the first round Tynedale was in the lead, but the dry conditions were not to last. 

After delay due to rain, the captains agreed to resume the match when there was a lull in the weather, but the rain became more persistent and the second round was completed in wet conditions.  Due to the heavy rain, the match was concluded after two rounds, and the result was 6 sets all, with Virgin Active Wearside winning on games, so a very close result and sadly not in Tynedale’s favour.  The match was played in good spirit and it was a pleasure to welcome the team from Wearside. Supper was very welcome after all the rain 

Northumberland Vl v Tynedale III   – Thursday 13th June 2016

After a day of heavy rain showers, the sky brightened over Newcastle and by the time the first ball was struck it was a dry calm evening in the verdant setting of the county ground.

The team pairings for this match were Melanie Winter and Trisha Gillespie; Catherine Whaley and Mary Williams; and Jane Pesara Parker  and June Lomax. Tynedale got off to a good start, winning four sets in the first round and nine by the end of the second. Tynedale maintained the initiative with some great teamwork, winning the contest 12 sets to 6. We all enjoyed the tennis and some excellent hospitality.

 Wylam v Tynedale lll  – Thursday 23rd June 2016

On what must have been one of the hottest days so far, Referendum day, this midsummer fixture between Tynedale and  Wylam was played away at Wylam Tennis Club. Through the trees came the sound of the river Tyne below.  The team on this occasion was: Melanie Winter and Trisha Gillespie; Catherine Whaley and Jane Pesara Parker; and Debbie Wilson and Carolyn Murray.  This was a hard fought contest with many close games, which resulted in victory for Wylam 9 sets to 6 sets. Another enjoyable evening’s tennis with a friendly welcome from Wylam.

Northumbria 4 v Tynedale Ladies 2nds – 9th May 2016

Lovely evening tennis with Tynedale 2nds Ladies playing away at Northumbria 4ths. Despite being all equal 6-6 after the second rubber and some very close sets, the Northumbria first couple managed to beat all Tyndale’s pairings of Caroline and Rachel, Wendy and Fiona and Pat and Diane. Taking the final score to 11-7 to Northumbria.

Ladies First Team Vets versus Shotley Bridge – April 2016

Tynedale Tennis Club’s Hexham Ladies Veterans first team have started the season with a great win over a strong Shotley Bridge side.

In the first rubber, new pairing Barbara Laidler and Caroline Armstrong achieved a secure 6-1, 6-2 win over the competent Shotley second pair who found it difficult to deal with Armstrong’s ripping forehand and  Laidler’s all-round  experienced game.  Cath Reed and Mary Oliver gave a challenging performance against the superior Shotley first couple but sadly went  down 6-2, 6-3.

In the second rubber Reed and Oliver played some fast, skilful tennis, outwitting their opponents to a decisive 6-1, 6-0 win, whilst Laidler and Armstrong did enough to secure two games against the on- form Shotley first couple. Equal on sets at the end with Shotley, the Tynedale team won by a narrow four game margin.