My third year as Tynedale Tennis Club Ladies Captain has been one of mixed fortune for the
teams, but an overall optimistic view for,the future of the teams.
My objectives for the 2015 season did not vary from previous seasons in charge, that all playing
Members of the Club attempt to be as effective as possible, whilst playing for the teams, with an
overriding sense of enjoyment of that game of tennis. To also help and assist others, and to act
as a democracy, a Ladies Section built on trust and autonomy, we all help each other to make
our Club a great place to play competitive tennis.
The playing year commenced with another enjoyable Ladies Dinner at The Golf Club, Hexham
in March , with around 20 Ladies attending, a good start to the campaign. A change in
management at the Golf Club, with the sad departure of Gavin and Simon, should hopefully not
affect next Years event.
The season has been an enjoyable one, touched by sadness as some opposition teams have
had to pull out due to being unable to raise a full team. This is always very disappointing, both
for ourselves and the opposition. Tynedale should be proud that we have always pulled a team
out of the bag, whether a set number of pairings, or some scratch combinations. I recall only
one major team selection hiccup this year, where I was obliged to send 14 texts to various
playing ladies, with only 2 days notice, to find a last minute replacement. The lady who stepped
in has been thanked most sincerely, for turning out, the match was a hard one, and what can
only be described as a learning experience.
My work has continued this Year, to ensure we have continuity of teams, and that all players
who attend practise, are able to participate. My best feelings of achievement are not
necessarily all based on success, but encouraging new and returning tennis players to get
involved. I have been particularly impressed by new players Rachel Salthouse and Francesca
Bell, along with the continued improvement and participation of Jane Pender, June Lomax ,
Victoria Emery and Catherine Whaley. We have had some injuries to team players, but with a
slightly larger squad, we have coped well.
I would like to stress, once again, that commitment to playing is paramount. Time and time
again, especially with Vets Matches, I find players who state in April they are available for
matches, then change their minds very
frustrating, but with no easy solution. All I would ask is
that you be totally honest when ticking the availability boxes on the match details I send you,
and advise of any changes to your availability during the year. Please also note I work in a very
demanding world, where efficient working is paramount. Time management is real for me. With
this in mind, please always respond to my texts as soon as you can, and let me know if your
contact details change, i.e mobile phone number or e mail address. Just treat me like a
business contact! Tennis Captain can sometimes feel like my main business occupation, which
I can assure you, it isn’t!
To summarise, the results are as follows:
1st Team Won 2 lost 3 and drew 1 Remain in C Division
2nd Team Won 4 lost 2Remain
to E Division
3rd Team Won 1 lost 4, 1 conceded by opposition Relegated
to F Division
1st Vets Team Won 2 lost 2, 2 conceded by oppositionPossibly
promoted to B Division Not
Confirmed Yet 27/9/15
2nd Vets Team Lost 6 Relegated
to E Division
Please note all the above league changes have to be confirmed by Keith Whitfield.
I would like to state my overwhelming thanks to the Captains, these being 2nd Team Caroline
Armstrong, 3rd Team Trish Gillespie, and 2nd Vets Wendy Arnold. Their ongoing help and
support is most appreciated. I have the honour of Captaining the Firsts at both levels, which is
a positive and enjoyable experience.
Further thanks should be made to the selectors of Mary Oliver, Barbara Laidler, Anne
Thompson, Caroline Armstrong and Diane Hardy.
The infrastructure of the Club remains excellent, with much hard work put in behind the scenes
by our Chairman George Miller, and Secretary Trish Gillespie, along with our treasurer of Diane
Hardy. Their work ethic is something to behold.
Please keep playing tennis during the Winter, for both fitness and social benefits, I look forward
to the chat as well as the tennis!
2016 will no doubt have challenges, which Im sure the Club and all the Ladies Section will rise

Best Wishes.

Cath Reed
Tynedale Tennis Club
Ladies Captain