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Tynedale Tennis Club Annual Tournament 2016

For a full report of the 2015 finals and Club Chairmans comments. Click here for details

We would like to invite you all, including juniors of who feel they have reached an appropriate standard, to take part in the annual club tournament.

The club tournament is for everyone, not just team players. It is an enjoyable way of meeting new people whilst playing competitive tennis.

The Tynedale Tennis Tournament has been in existence for many years and is an opportunity for our best players to gain deserved recognition for their skills and commitment. However it is equally important to acknowledge and reward the efforts and enthusiasm of all players. So in addition to the main competitions, if there are sufficient entries, there will also be “plate” competitions in each category  for competitors who get knocked out in the first round.

To meet the cost of engraving the trophies we have to charge of fee of £3 per person per event, but no charge for the “plate” competitions. (So, for example, if you enter the ladies singles , the ladies doubles and the mixed doubles it will cost you £9)

Once the draw is publicised (on the website and in the tennis pavilion), it will be the responsibility of the player(s) whose name(s) appear(s) first on the draw to contact the other player/pair, to arrange the match.

The initial events are:

·         Ladies’ Singles Click here to view the draw

·         Men’s Singles Click here to view the draw

·         Ladies’ Doubles Click here to view the draw

·         Men’s Doubles Click here to view the draw

·          Mixed Doubles Click here to view the draw

·         Tournament rules Click here to view the rules 

Each round will have to be completed by the date specified and it is very important that we comply with these schedules. Please record the result for each match on the draw sheet in the pavilion.

Each match will be the best of 3 (tie-break at 6-6) sets.

If you find during the season that you will not be available for finals day, rather than withdraw immediately, please play your next match and concede at match point if necessary.

Finals Day will take place on Saturday 10th September starting at 11 am.

We hope that lots of you will take part and make this a viable, enjoyable tournament. Not many of us play singles but you would be surprised how enjoyable it can be and you don’t have to be super fit!  For the doubles events, if you can’t find a partner but would like to take part, sign up anyway and we will do our best to find you a partner.

All that remains for you to do is enter! You can do this in one of two ways:

  • By signing up on the notice board in the pavilion
  • By emailing me on my personal email (, and making it clear which competitions you wish to enter.

Please sign up as soon as you can but in any case by Saturday 7th May.

Once the draw is made and the matches begin, please keep a close eye on the progress of the competition on the notice board in the pavilion and updates on the website.

Please pay your entry fees either to myself or to any committee member.

Donate a Racquet

To enable those new to tennis to come and try it, we have introduced a ‘donate your racquet’ for people who have upgraded to better racquets. If you are able to donate a racquet they need to be in good usable condition and not the old wooden ones. Please contact Patricia Gillespie if you can assist in donating a used but good racquet.

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