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Annual General Meeting

Thursday 15th January at 7.30pm in the cricket clubhouse, Prior’s Flat, Hexham.


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British Tennis Membership/Wimbledon tickets ballot

A reminder to you to take out British Tennis Membership, if you have not already done so, through the British Tennis LTA website. British Tennis Membership (BTM) is FREE to Tynedale Tennis Club Members. Crucially, the Club’s allocation of Wimbledon tickets for 2015 will be based on Tynedale Tennis Club Members who are British Tennis Members who have opted in to the Wimbledon ballot on the LTA website. This stage is new this year. You must also be linked to Tynedale Tennis Club.

Signing up, linking to Tynedale Tennis Club and opting in to the Wimbledon ballot will help increase the club’s allocation of Wimbledon tickets. It does not guarantee that you will have the option to buy Wimbledon tickets, but it does entitle you to go apply for tickets from the club’s allocation next year.

There are other benefits to British Tennis Membership, besides being able to opt in for Wimbledon tickets, such as discounted prices on tickets for other events.

To sign up and find out more go to

Each Club Member can sign up for British Tennis Membership (BTM)

In summary, to count towards our allocation in the 2015 Wimbledon ballot, Tynedale Tennis Club members must be:

an ‘affiliated’ adult/junior British Tennis Member
Linked to Tynedale Tennis Club, via the members area of the LTA website
Opted in to the Wimbledon ballot on the LTA website.

The calculation of Wimbledon tickets for Tynedale Tennis Club will be based on the number of eligible members that meet the criteria listed above by midnight on 31st January 2015. Please sign up before this date.

Please make sure the contact details you have entered on the British Tennis (LTA) website are up to date. Your email or postal address will be used by the LTA if you are allocated Wimbledon tickets, following the club’s ballot in Feb/March 2015.

Wimbledon […]

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Proposals for development of adjacent land

Anyone wishing to chart progress on this matter might be interested to know that an Outline Planning application has now been submitted by the developers.

A formal notice has been posted at the Eilansgate entrance to the club (copy on our pavilion noticeboard) specifying a date of 24 December for public comments.   

For further information access the website, ‘planning applications’, ‘public access’ and enter reference 14/03776/OUT.

 As stated, this is an outline application only at the moment and determination of this is expected in February 2015. We are keeping a close eye on progress to ensure that the interests of the club are protected.

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Floodlight tokens

Anyone wishing to play evening tennis through the winter is advised to ensure they obtain an adequate advance supply of tokens to avoid disappointment. As previously advised, tokens can be obtained from the bar at the cricket clubhouse which in the winter is open 5 nights a weekWednesday to Sunday (usually 7pm-10 pm). (Clubhouse closed Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, New Year’s Eve).

Please note that only the barman has the facility to access the tokens, if the clubhouse is open for other purposes but the bar is not open then tokens will not be accessible.

In case of difficulty or ’emergency’ call Mary Oliver telephone: 01434 607432. 

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