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Land Development proposal

Following the public exhibition on the proposals for housing development on land adjacent to our club it is likely that the proposed developer will be seeking Outline Planning Permission in September. If they are successful in this they would then start the detailed planning process with a likely detailed planning application early in 2015.

We will keep you advised as information becomes available.

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Non-members are most welcome and can play as often as they like. But they must have a member as host and pay a £5 visitor fee for each visit.

To help facilitate this we have introduced a visitor’s fee box in the right hand side of the pavilion verandah.

We have been plagued this season with non-members appearing on courts (often claiming to be members when it turns out they are not). This is why we ask members to wear their 2014 trainer tags. Please help us in policing this thorny issue by wearing your tags as a matter of course.

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Courts 1 and 7

A specialist inspection in recent weeks has confirmed that courts 1 and 7 are wearing at a quicker rate than the other courts. This will lead to difficulties when the two courts in question reach the end of their life whilst the adjacent courts are still playable. So your co-operation in using courts 1 and 7 sparingly would be appreciated.


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Club tournament

The various competitions are progressing well (with over 40 competitors). Mary Oliver has done a great job in organising this and in monitoring progress of a total of nine events.

There are always difficulties in getting matches played on time in the holiday season so thanks for your efforts so far. It would be helpful if you could ensure that every effort is made to meet the deadline dates for each round so that we don’t end up with a logjam leading up to finals day. Talking of which – just a reminder for your diary that finals day is Saturday 13 September starting at 11am. It would be good to see you there even if you are not participating.

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Spade and Racquet Party – 7th September

Further details on the events page

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