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Latest News

The Tournament draw is now on the events page and recent match reports (believe it or not) on the Match Reports page

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Proposal to Develop Land

Eleven years ago, Tynedale Sports Club, as it was then (comprising the cricket, tennis and hockey clubs) were approached by a developer who expressed an interest in buying the strip of land running from Eilansgate through Prior House and behind both the cricket and tennis pavilions. It was agreed at that time to sell the land if they could obtain planning consent and an option was granted to the developer. In the event, the local authority wouldn’t consider it so nothing came of it.

In late 2013 another approach was made by a different developer and this time an adjoining parcel of land belonging to the golf club was also included in the developer’s plans.

Both Hexham Golf Club and the trustees of Tynedale Athletic Association, the holders of the land for the benefit of all of the sports on Priors Flat, have agreed to grant an option to a developer with a view to them seeing if the planners are more relaxed about consents, as they have been advised to be by central government.

A successful application, triggering a sale, would result in a meaningful sum being received which would be shared equally between Hexham Golf Club and the TAA. The TAA portion would be retained by the trustees and used to sustain the sports being played at Priors Flat.

In the negotiations which have so far taken place all parties have endeavoured to ensure there will be as little disruption as possible during any development phase and that no long term disadvantages will be suffered by any of the sports or their facilities.

There will be a presentation at Hexham Golf Club on 30th June at 6pm, to which all members are invited. At this meeting the developer, representatives of the […]

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Sunday 13th July – 125th Anniversary

2014 marks the 125th year of tennis being played at Prior’s Flat and also the 125th ‘birthday’ of our pavilion.

So, to celebrate, we are going to hold a fun tennis afternoon with a mixed competition (American style tournament), casual social play and refreshments. The event will start at 1pm.

There is no need to register in advance for the tournament – just turn up. Feel free to bring some communal food along to help keep energy levels up. Hope to see you there.

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